duminică, 13 februarie 2011

Testing My Diplomacy Skills

Right before school got out today, our Beta Club sponsor asked me for a "favor." When teachers ask me for a favor, I can never say no, and it usually requires me doing something I really don't want to do that is a pain in the butt. I said, "Sure, what is it?"

Every year we have a cultural fair called "Know Your World." High ranking military officers from various other countries who are stationed at Ft. Wood for training come to our school and tell the students about their country. Each year, various high school students are assigned to escort one of these military officers around school all day.

The favor that Mrs. G wanted me to do was escort the officer from Latvia. It is a tiny European country, only slightly larger than West Virginia. It was formerly part of the USSR. We are given a lot of rules and guidelines about escorting these officers. We are not allowed to discuss religion, politics, or war with them. Or the military. I really have no other interests... "So what is the weather like in Latvia?" We were also warned that they might have a problem with women, specifically in the military. How encouraging.

So this will be the testing of my diplomacy skills!

The only countries I know for sure is I have Latvia and my friend Becca has Fiji. I am really excited about this!

UPDATE: I've been researching Latvia's military. Apparently, they do not have women in the military. If I am understanding correctly, it is required for males to serve 12 months in their country's military upon reaching 19 years of age. For volunteer service, the minimum age is 18. I'm learning lots.